SAP consulting

We provide an excellent team of consultants with extensive experience in high-level consulting, to ensure understanding business needs and reflect it on your system.

SAP training

Our experience in implementations and technical knowledge of SAP system enables us to provide high quality trainings, always offering practical insights based on our experience.

SAP support and maintenance

After more than eight years of experience, we perform support and maintenance of SAP systems of our customers. Our maintenance team is available to provide our services remotely or in person, according to their needs.

ABAP development

Extensive experience in ABAP developments in (R3, BW, BO ...) SAP systems. We provide a great technical team to develop any requirement in your projects or organizations.

Welcome to Bussap, experts in SAP consulting.

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SAP experience

Expert consultants in different areas of your business with extensive experience in SAP, being fully trained to provide significant added value on implementations to your organization.

sap business


Our commitment is to help and guide you to improve the performance of your business, making available our knowledge and experience, with maximum dedication. Bussap Consulting commitment is also extended in the social sphere, as is reflected in our partnership with Pau Casals Foundation.

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High motivation

We know how important teamwork is to develop a successful project. High motivation results in an excellent working environment which impact in a positive and lasting relationship with the customer.

SAP experience in sectors.

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Extensive experience in integration processes in the real estate sector organizations.

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Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals

Extensive knowledge of the sector in projects of mergers between companies and redefining processes.

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Implementation of business processes in the SAP system, such as equipment maintenance, control and external services management

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Public Sector

Maintenance of control applications and records management.

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Optimum service in maintenance processes of the organization to end users.

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Implementations of management and control systems of FMCG productions.

Software and SAP solutions


We help you discover how SAP HANA enables you to analyze business operations using huge volumes of detailed information in real time, allowing you to more effective decision-making and accelerates performance of your business.


SAP mobile applications are designed with the aim of all employees can access information at any time. Bussap Consulting helps you to connect processes of your organization from any device, anywhere, whenever you want.


If your organization seeks to improve the speed and quality of services provided, our cloud offers designed for loads of SAP work processes can provide tools and standards to achieve maximum control and flexibility.

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