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Our SAP experience.

FINANCES: General and third party accounting / Liquid assets / Fixed assets / Investments / Archiving / Upgrades

    General and third party accounting:

  • Extensive experience in implementation projects: Analysis, prototypes, implementation, start-up, training and post-start-up support.
  • Implementation in multi-society and multi-currency environments.
  • Implementation in small and medium-sized companies.
  • Roll-out’s.
  • Adaptation of the system in merger and acquisition processes for new companies.
  • Module training for users and parameter-setting.


  • Extensive experience in implementation of the Liquid Assets module (Cash Management) in multi-national companies in various industries: automotive, pharmaceutical and textile.
  • Implementation of the bank statement process (manual and automatic), cash management, bank remittances…
  • Reorganization of accounts and types of documents relevant to liquid assets.
  • Improvement of the bank settlement process.

    Fixed assets:

  • Migration of R/2 to R/3 in multinational companies in the railroad industry.
  • Module implementation in companies in the real estate, pharmaceutical, railroad and high- consumption industries.
  • Module implementation in multinational companies (accounting in various areas of local evaluation, US GAAP, group, differences… )
  • Incorporation of new types of assets in already productive systems (analysis, parameter-setting and data-load originating from other systems in the current fiscal year).


  • Investment management (IM) analysis and module implementation in various companies in the chemical and high-consumption industries.
  • PS integration for budget distribution.
  • Definition of planning processes.
  • Creation of research reports to facilitate investment program monitoring.


  • Analysis, parameter-setting and archiving of historical financial and control data.
  • Definition of periodic procedures for future archiving.
  • Version migrations (4.0 – 4.6, 3.1 – 4.6, etc.).
  • Version migrations with process improvements.

CONTROLLING: General expenses / Profit & Loss (P&L) Accounts / Projects / Product cost calculation

    General expenses:

  • Definition of cost structures (Cost Centers, general expense orders, types of costs, cost attribution criteria, etc.).
  • Definition of closing processes (sub-distributions, distributions, order liquidation, etc.).
  • Implementation of the Benefit Center module.
  • Report definition in Report Painter.
  • Analysis, design and implementation of the control process for general expenses, via notifications on the work timesheet (CATS) and corresponding attribution to general expense orders.

    P&L Account:

  • P&L Account, Home Maintenance Services and Energy in CO-PA.
  • Implementation of the Real P&L Account (CO-PA) and P&L Account Planning in the pharmaceutical, high-consumption, energy, textile and publishing industries.
  • Implementation of P&L Account accounting and analytics.
  • Sales budget planning in CO-PA.
  • Report definition in Report Painter.
  • Expansion of standards (characteristic derivations and value field valuations).


  • Implementation of Financial PS in elevator, chemical and pharmaceutical companies.
  • International Financial PS Roll-out in the automotive industry.
  • Financial PS and logistical advising in public transportation companies.
  • Financial PS and logistical training.
  • Implementation of planning, budget and Real Financial PS in high-consumption industries.
  • Various Financial PS and logistical trainings.

    Product cost calculation:

    Extensive experience in CO-PC module implementation for various clients in the high- consumption, cement production, and food industries.
  • Cost plan and real cost in discrete and process manufacturing, as well as requested by the client.
  • ICO-PC integration with CO-PA + CO-CCA modules in the implementation of the cost planning process for the complete cycle.
  • Development of various expansions, adapting the CO-PC module to clients' needs.

LOGISTICS: Purchases and warehouses / Sales and distribution / Maintenance management (PM) / Customer Service (CS)

    Purchases and warehouses:

  • Purchase management in the high-consumption, services and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Management of proposals, contracts, orders:
    • Sub-contracting.
    • Orders.
  • Management of warehouses and stocks:
    • Lots.
    • Serial numbers.
    • Location management.
  • LIS – Logistical Information System.

    Sales and distribution:

  • Sales management in the high-consumption, services and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Management of proposals, contracts, sales:
    • Triangular sales.
    • Sub-contracting.
    • Orders.
  • Warehouse and stock management:
    • Lots.
    • Serial numbers.
    • Location management.
  • Distribution management: deliveries and transportation.
  • Invoicing management:
    • Inter-companies.
    • Lists.
    • Rappels.

    Maintenance management (PM):

  • Maintenance management for factories, infrastructures, networks and vehicles.
  • Definition of structures:
    • Locations.
    • Equipment and sub-equipment.
    • Lists of materials.
    • Materials.
  • Maintenance:
    • Corrective.
    • Preventative.
    • PredictivE.
    • Adaptive.
  • Maintenance projects:
    • Management of purchases and re-stock warehouses.
    • Reporting and PM Analytics (includes BW).

    Customer Service (CS):

  • Technical service management.
  • Definition of structures:
    • Locations.
    • equipment and sub-equipment.
    • Lists of materials.
    • Materials.
  • Sales management for equipment, parts, consumables and services.
  • Technical service management:
    • Assembly, disassembly, changes.
    • Corrective maintenance.
    • Preventative maintenance.
  • Purchase management for equipment, parts and consumables.
  • Management of re-stock warehouses:
    • Central.
    • Technical.



  • BW implementation for P&L Accounts in high-consumption industries.
  • Design of data models. Model optimization.
  • Aggregate management. Performance optimization studies. Business Content.
  • Reporting.
  • Report Agent.


  • Analysis of P&L Account planning and projection for Gas and Electricity within the SEM-BPS environment.
  • Implementation of a P&L Account planning, budgeting and projection system for insurance industry products.
  • In-depth knowledge of the functionality provided by SEM BPS.
  • FOX programming.

ABAP Development:

    ABAP Development:

  • Analysis and development of custom-made programs (reports, ALV reports, interactive reports, batch-inputs, call transactions, module pools…).
  • Participation in Help Desk teams.
  • Expansion of standards (User Exits, Business Transaction Events).
  • Development optimization.

Project management:

    Project management:

  • Project management, team coordination.
  • Risk evaluation and control.
  • Management and supervision.
  • Follow-up reporting.


    SAP Training:

  • Standard BUSSAP training.
  • Training tailored to clients and their facilities.
  • Training manuals adapted to client systems.